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Patrick Roegies

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick Roegies and I have been an aviation enthusiast for more than 30 years. My enthusiasm towards aviation started back in 1977 when the Royal Netherlands Air Force was practicing with the F-104 “Starfighter” in order to end the "train highjack". The F-104's were meant to create a diversion by performing an overshoot, kicking in the afterburner directly over the train, creating a confusion with the hijackers and enabling the police to master the hijackers.

This is when my passion towards aviation was born. In that same year the annual air show was organized at Gilze Rijen Air Base and a deployment of New Mexico Air National Guard A-7D Corsairs was taking place. Since this base was only 10 km from where I lived my parents allowed me to go there every free hour I had. I got my first camera in 1984 taking pictures of both civil and military aircraft.

After 1987 I started to visit airbases all over Europe and from 1997 onwards I made worldwide visits. I started a website site in 2003 when I also commenced writing aviation related articles and offering them to various European Aviation magazines. This site is still active and can be visited at
Since this site is meant as a presentation to fellow hobby aviation enthusiasts I have constructed this new site in 2009 with the help of SGB Webdesign in order to further professionalize my work as an aviation photographer and reporter.

I hope you enjoy the selected presentation. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me via the contact subpage.

In the near future the focus will be on completing more professional articles and completing a book covering the former participating Warsaw Pact Air Forces. As an additional goal I would like to further develop air to air photography in order to be able to illustrate the articles and the book in an ever growing professional way.

Future assignments:
If you are looking for a professional aviation related photo report Crusader Aviation Photography is your choice. Toward publishers and editors of aviation magazines, Crusader Aviation Photography is available for all their assignments on professional photography from the ground and in the air. I am highly motivated and available for any future assignment you can think of. If you are interested in a more comprehensive air to air documentary I would by happy to offer my services free of charge.

The articles and digital images derived during visits to Air Forces will be submitted to the guide the Air Force has appointed to me. Only after their written approval the articles and all related digital images will be submitted to various European aviation magazines.

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