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Crusader Aviation Photography Patrick RoegiesCrusader Aviation Photography
Disclaimer               created by SGB Webdesign

From the moment I started this hobby in 1977 until today, I have managed to gather a modest collection of images of military aircraft.

I can imagine there might be an interest from third parties in relation to this collection accumulated over the past years. On this subpage you are able to look at the contents of the gathered collection over the years. By selecting this link, an excel list will appear in which all available images are included. In this excel list a quick selection can be made in search for your specific image. By means of filters visible in the top line fast selections can be made and the available images will list up after selection. Multiple selections can also be made simultaneous. In this file you can also determine if the image is available as a hard copy or already converted in a scanned digital format.

If you are interested in a specific image you are able to order prints. Costs will be charged depending on to the size of the print. you are also able to order digital images. In case you are interested in a digital image, costs will be charged for scanning and editing the image. The scans are manufactured with a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED scanned at the highest resolution. The file name will include all relevant information of the specific image including the name of the original author. The cost per scanned image are 1 Euro per scan. If a specific image is not yet digitalized it will take 3 days for processing.

If you want to use a specific image for future publications I would like to refer to the disclaimer on this website. With the intention for future use for publications, I would therefore advice you to contact me.

In the case that the image list triggered your interest and you want to request a specific image or range of images please contact me via the subpage "Contact", so we can make arrangements concerning the format, size or intended use of your requested image.

The excel file will be changed regularly so stay tuned!